Axel holds his hat covering his face. Text: Who in the Hell is Axel Lunden?

Axel Lundén is a Swedish/American indie rock/folk artist who rose to prominence in the early 2000’s at the helm of the internationally renowned rock ensemble Nauru. In the wake of splitting with Nauru in 2008, Axel went on to release a series of critically acclaimed solo albums. His 4th solo album Under the Surface, was released in April of 2014 to absolute crickets, like, literally no one cared and blah blah blah… if you don’t already know who I am, why on earth are you here?

Who in the hell is Axel Lundén? I guess a better question would be: 'Who was I?' You might say I was that stereotypical guy who had it all: a successful career, a glimmering reputation, a mantle cluttered with awards, no shortage of gigs, married to the love of my life, surrounded by friends. I was happy. And bit by bit, I've watched it all disintegrate. I guess I deserve it. So if you do know who I am, why are you still here?

Who in the hell am I?
I'm a spectre of the man I used to be.


Why is this page in English?
Why do you share so few images of yourself?
Who is in the current live band line-up?
What happened to the older content?
Where are the rest of your lyrics?
Why is there so little Nauru stuff on here?
Will Nauru ever get back together?
Will you tell me a story?