The cover of Axel Lundén's third solo album, Shaking Hands


Without a drink it’s a desert in here

Wandering without aim, plagued by ancient fears

Crawling through the sand on your hands and knees

Longing for a single solitary breeze

What the hell happened?

How did we end up here?

Can’t hardly breathe, like they siphoned off the atmosphere

It’s so easy to turn on yourself 

The barren front wears down your mental health

And all the habits you try to shake

Woven into your fabric and hard to break

Everytime I shine a little light into the darkness, 

Seems it only parches you cracked

You wonder as you wander if you’ll ever find your way back.

You’re seeking out some respite, well, aren’t you?

And all you get is a goddamn mirage

Sure, it gives some hope on the horizon, 

But it batters your faith when you find it’s a fraud

In the wasteland of your broken dreams

Nothing is ever what it seems

Even in the dark the desert can be cold

Under a starless sky without a hand to hold

Though it’s hard, I’m still here by your side

Treading through the same unstable sand you stride

Let me be the tree whose shade gives you mercy

I can shelter you, provide some relief

This won’t be forever if you just keep trying

Let me give you life if you feel like dying

I won’t disappear, I’m still standing here

We’ll get out of this together, we can weather out the years