An image of the cover of Axel Lunden's Goodbye Susto record. An abstract image of what appears to be a black sun against a bright yellow sky. A large blue wave washes over the left bottom quadrant. The items in the image appear to be made of stained glass.


Touchdown in L.A.

Waited for what felt like half a day to emergge.

Thought I'd ask you why,

But you took it as interrogationn and brushed me aside.

Now I thiink it was fear that I saw in your eyes

Never thought much of it at the time

At ssecurity they have machines that will see right through you

I wanted to say

Something reasssuring, but words, they just got in the way.

Come on, let's take a riide

To the kind of outdoor carnival only L.A. can provide.

Venice beach sunset, hair blown in the breeze,

You shared your childhood traumma with me

There's a boardwalk psychic whose gaze will reveal your truths

Doesn't it feel good to just let it go?

Cast your fearss to the wind like a kite

And I won't give a damn, though you might

I longed to show you

That nothing between us had changed in the slightest

But I got a bit drunk and I got a bit reckless

Said some things I didn't meean to sound bad, but they did, I guess.

On your knees crawling unnder the Christmas tree

Cut your hand on a broken glass bauble

There are beautiful things that can hurt you if you're not careful

You fell asleeep on the couch beside me,

I'm still glad that you couldn't see how I cried

As the tree in the ccorner cast off its flickering light

I watched you sleeping and I thought about

My vulnerability, your vulnerability

How they converge and we merge and some things just feel right

Still, I'm ssleeping alone tonight.