Cover of Axel Lunden's 2010 album Wherever You Go, There You Are

Now Is Not the Right Time

The light slinks across this tomb with a view 

Skanstull obscured through frozen winter window panes

Dust dances and sparkles in the late-morning glow

But you know it’s only dead flesh on a draft, it’s beauty profaned.

You curse, wondering what you did to deserve another day

This endless age of suffering steadily strips away

Your humanity, your sanity

Light is cruel upon your eyes, with your darkness beckoning

‘Come to me, I’ll set you free.’

Desperation has replaced me as your closest, constant friend

You take hold of the golden thread and follow to its end

You believe the skein is winding out and you’ve reached the end of the line

But hold on,

Now is not your time.

I won’t promise that the years will smooth out snags and heal your wounds

But I promise that I’ll try to guide you through

Life may spool out endlessly

But your fibres are forever bound in mine 

The frayed edge will mend, the tears will end

If you give it … just a little more time.