Cover of Axel Lunden's 2014 album Under the Surface

Letter in a Box

I found a love letter in a box

In your handwriting

An old relic of sorts

Paper parched and yellowed

But it couldn’t be from you

Paths diverge, people grow apart

I found a picture in a box

Shoved in the depths of my closet

Though the faces look familiar

I can’t recognize them now

I must have been mistaken

To think I once saw myself reflected in your eyes

But now I know that it’s a lie

I’m wary every time we meet

I see the strange ways of the world

Play out in strangers on the street 

You left your ring lying on the bed stand

Tarnished and turned black with age

Forgotten in a hurry

Or discarded out of rage

Love is an elaborate deception

You have to fight for the illusion

If any party quits the delusion

Then I assume the show is over.